Introducing CATweb, a great new way to access your collection databases

New Version CATweb v2.8.8 supports AssetCAT and the new templates introduced for all the CATs mid 2012.

CATweb lets you use a web browser to view any of your FNProgramvare CAT collection databases. What you can see in the CAT Explorer you can see in the web browser, and more. With CATweb you can "surf" your collection from any computer on your network.

CATweb is designed to be absolutely simple to use.

The CATweb package has everything you need to get started. You should be up and running in less than 10 minutes!

CATweb works with your existing Explorer templates.

No knowledge about web servers is needed to use CATweb. There is no Windows installation required, just drag a folder from the zip file to your disk. To remove it you simply delete the folder. No server configuration needed.

It could not be any easier!

CATweb v2 supports JavaScript and PHP5 in your XSL templates so you can enhance them with features not available in the CAT Explorer.

CATweb v2 is faster than before and now comes bundled with a very compact build of the Apache server.  Now you can take  advantage of the powerful features of Apache.

CATweb works with the current versions of AssetCAT, BookCAT, CATraxx, CATVids, SoftCAT, and StampCAT, Windows 7/Vista/XP, Firefox/IE/Opera/Chrome.

The CATweb package is intended for use on a local private network, be sure you understand the security risks before using it on the public internet.


Fun with CATweb and JavaScript

Here is a sample of some of the fun you can have with CATweb and JavaScript. This is a CATraxx template. It uses JavaScript to build tooltips that display album and track credits when the mouse passes over a title. Works with CATraxx v8.

Download Album-Tooltip.xsl

Here is another example that creates a cover flow like effect to browse your albums, books, videos, stamps, or programs.

It requires CATWeb v2.

Download CATCoverFlow.xsl


Click to go to the More Fun with CATweb and JavaScript page.