Here are some examples of advanced templates that I created and use.   They show some of the powerful things that can be accomplished using XSL templates.  Though I may decide to distribute them in the future, these templates are not currently available for download.  



Screenshots 1, 2, and 3

Only simple images are stored in the CAT database.  All of the effects are created in the browser with JavaScript.  The template code is compatible with both the CAT Explorer and CATweb/Browser because the JavaScript is hidden from and ignored by the Explorer.  

The effects work with any template and any image that is displayed using the <img> tag.   The effects can only be seen when viewed in the browser.  In the Explorer things look as they always have. 

The original CoverGallery.xsl template without effects is discussed on the user forum here, and is available upon request.

Relationship Tree

Screenshot 4

This is a visualization of relationships between artists.  The tree is interactive.  Clicking anywhere on the page regenerates the tree centered around the click.  The relationship tree was inspired by sites like TuneGlue, Music Map, MusicTrails, Musicovery, and others.  These sites typically use LastFM or Amazon as the source of relationship data.  The relationship tree shown here pulls its data from the CATraxx database. 

Rotated Text and Barcodes

These screen shots show working examples that make use of two library templates I created: one displays rotated text, and the other converts a number into one of a variety of barcode types.  These templates do not use JavaScript so they work the same in the Explorer as in the Browser.  

The text roation template is called with a text character string and an orientation.  It automatically adjusts the character string so it won't read backwards in some orientations.  The font-face and size are optional parameters.   

The barcode template automatically figures out the appropriate type of barcode to display when called with a string of numbers.  Orientation, bar height and width, specific barcode type, and font-face can all be modified.


Screenshot 5

The first template demonstrates a variety of rotated text and font faces along with several barcodes.


Screenshot 6

This template generates jewelcase inserts from CATraxx album and track data.  It uses rotated text for the spines and includes a barcode.


Screenshot 7 

This is a folding paper CD case that relies on rotated barcode and rotated text.  The cases provide inexpensive and quite usable storage for CDs and DVDs.  They are great for disks burned at home.  Inspired by Paper CD Case.


Screenshot 8

Examples of rotated text and barcodes in a CATraxx report.  DBXsl objects allow reports to use the library templates referred to above.